Cockroaches are considered as one of the most dangerous pests to have in your house due to safety and health issues. As a matter of fact, cockroaches are known to trigger asthma attacks and cause allergic reactions. Aside from that, they also tend to spread thirty tree types of bacteria including Salmonella and E. coli. They can also live for two weeks without water and a whole month without food, which makes them really hard to eliminate. So, the moment you notice a cockroach in your household or commercial building, then It’s best that you call professional exterminators in Edmonton right away. 

Dangerous Pests

Kinds of Cockroaches 

Below, you will be able to learn the most common types of cockroaches that are also common household pests around the world.  

German Cockroaches

These are the most common kind of cockroach. These cockroaches will actually feed on almost anything including toothpaste and soap. German cockroaches usually live in bathrooms and kitchens. They often make their way into new areas through hiding in secondhand appliances, cardboard boxes and grocery bags. According to professional exterminators near me, they usually receive calls from customers asking them to help eliminate German cockroaches in their home or commercial property. 

Oriental Cockroaches

This kind of cockroach feed on starchy and decaying foods. Actually, oriental coaches can survive outdoors in freezing temperatures. Oftentimes, they get into houses as well as other buildings through crawling along pipes as well as through the floor drains, and under doors.  

American Cockroaches

This is considered as the largest kind of cockroach. Usually, it enters buildings and houses through pipes and drains. American cockroaches are usually active in temperatures that are seventy degrees or higher. But, they can be able to survive lower temperatures. 

Cockroach Threats 

Generally, cockroaches have the ability to spread at least thirty tree types of bacteria, 6 types of parasitic worms as well as other human pathogens. They also pick up pathogens on their bodies and legs as they crawl through dirty spaces like sewers and then contaminate your house upon infestation. 

Aside from that, cockroaches can also cause asthma attacks and allergies, most especially in children. This is why it’s best that you hire a professional exterminator right away the moment you notice that your home has been infested by cockroaches. 

 How to Prevent Cockroach Infestation 

Cockroaches generally hate clean areas. You can be able to control the infestation of cockroaches using these very helpful tips: 

  • Keep your kitchen free of crumbs and clean at all times 
  • Vacuum often 
  • Ventilate crawl spaces in order to prevent moisture buildup 
  • Seal entrances around your utility pipes 

Lastly, if you notice cockroach infestation in your workplace or home, it’s best that you contact a professional pest control service provider right away. This is because qualified professional pest control companies can treat pest problems effectively and efficiently as well as in a timely manner in order to keep you as well as your family healthy and safe at all times.