Painting the walls is the easiest and cheapest way to transform the house. It is a tedious job but the payoff is worth it. You can do the painting yourself because an amateur can definitely do it. If you prefer a a more professional look you can contact Overland Park Painting Company to check the walls to be painted for you and give you an estimate.  

Painting Walls

However, if you want to do it yourself here are some painting do’s and don’t that you should read before starting any project.  

Do Plan  

A wonderful product comes from having a perfectly executed plan. Planning is important. What color should your walls be, what type of finish. If you have a plan you get a general idea of what you want to happen. You can buy the materials beforehand so you can avoid having to buy materials when you are halfway through the job.   

Do Clean  

This goes without saying that you should clean your walls. Make sure there are no dust in them. Also place your furniture in a spare room this way they won’t get paint on them. It pays to protect your stuff. Cover the floors with canvass you cannot use plastic because it will become slippery and will lead to accidents.   

Do White  

You should prime your walls with white most especially if you are covering your walls with drastic colors. The finish product will be good and you will actually see a stark difference. If you do this extra step it will allow the new color to pop more. It is a little tedious but the finish product will be worth it.   

Do take your Time  

Take your time. Painting is a tedious process and doesn’t have to be done in one go. Take your time and allow paint enough time to dry before making the second coat. When you start painting your walls all you want to do is to finish it but believe me, it will be better if you allow ample time to dry in between coatings.   

Don’t paint over Wallpaper  

If you have wallpaper, don’t paint over it. Take the extra step and remove the wallpaper. Your work will look more professional and you won’t have to start painting again when the wallpaper starts to peel off.  

Don’t Paint on Rainy days 

On rain or humid days it isn’t a good idea to paint. The paint will take extra long to dry and the finish just won’t be up to par. Do not compromise your work because you’ve gotten impatient.   

Don’t leave your Materials unclean 

It is a good idea that you clean your materials after you use it so as to preserve it and you can be able to use it again if you need to. Do wash it water or solvent and allow it to dry by either hanging it or letting it drip upright.   

Following this steps will allow you to be able to have a high quality finish with your work.